Celebrate The Holiday and New Year With BNB Tobacco

Enjoy your success as an entrepreneur and take advantage of the sale going on at BNB Tobacco! Great for a holiday gift for your clients, housewarming party or a gathering just to celebrate life. They have many options to choose from including their sample packs. 

Not only do they offer premium brands of cigars they also offer CBD Hemp, E-Smokes and all the accessories you need to make your experience memorable. They offer Acid Cold Infusion Tea which is a mild-bodied smoke infused with herbal and botanical essences. The mellow Connecticut Shade wrapper compliments the flavorful Nicaraguan filler tobaccos perfectly with notes of black tea, peaches, cream, and a fresh pine aroma.

The cigar brands they sell are Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, Black & Mild, White Owl and more. The cigar wrappers are high quality machine-made wraps. The wraps are packaged in foil to keep for freshness. They're available in apple, berry, blueberry, cherry, fruit, grape, mango, watermelon, white grape and more to satisfy your palate.

Check out some of the best selling products by clicking on the links below and enjoy!

Kentucky Select

Electronic Cigarettes

Cherokee Mellow Type Tobacco

Good Stuff Red (Full Flavor)

Criss Cross Smooth Flavored Pipe Tobacco


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