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COVID-19 Corona Virus At Home Testing Now Available From Everlywell

Being able to take health tests out the comfort of your home has been proven to benefit many individuals. There are no long waits at the doctor's office, no scheduling appointments, no rushing to be on time and getting the test done independently.
EverlyWell provides home health testing and with the current corona virus (COVID-19) they have developed an at home testing kit.

Below is information directly from Everlywell website.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our part in fighting the virus We're announcing that an at-home collection kit with telehealth diagnosis for COVID-19 will be available to consumers starting Monday, March 23. The initial supply of 30,000 tests amounts to a significant increase in total COVID-19 tests that have been processed in the U.S. as of March 18, 2020. By working with multiple labs to scale infrastructure, Everlywell plans to have testing and diagnosis capacity for a quarter of a million people weekly. Using its existing infrastructure and distribution fo…

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