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Blackout Tuesday Worldwide

As the world witnesses some police officers brutality on all mankind, especially the black man; a day of solidarity has taken place worldwide. Racism isn't new in the eyes of many that view the media. With more people recording the encounters they've seen, posting to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin TikTok and Youtube uploads; rage is setting in. The most recent death of unarmed and handcuffed resident of Minneapolis, MN, George Floyd has offset another protest of police brutality. 
There is a worldwide movement in major cities with protestors, riots, looters using different outlets to express there anger. It's been said that without war there is no peace. Is it right to judge how someone displays their anger for injustice? Destroying businesses and property isn't the way to deliver a message for change. Amidst the COVID-19 protest there is a racial war going on. We have gathered a list of celebrities and well known brands along with influen…

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