Here you will see the determination, the beauty, the grace, the deep perseverance of a beautiful young lady. I had the pleasure of meeting with her via social network through Gorilla Tek, an extremely humble and respected individual in the music sector who is also a Gold & Platinum selling Music Producer.  Through the power of networking we build friendships, we build relationships, we build partnerships and so much more. We often complain about where we live, what shoes to wear, where to shop, not enough salt in our food, the weather is too hot or cold and petty things that don't make us any better. As you take a look at the journey through her life; remember that at any given moment we may not be able to use our limbs, we may not be able to lift our head, we may not be able to open our mouth to give thanks for a new day; however we will be able to view her story and say "If she's doing it I can do it to". 

She has inspired me to never complain regardless of my circumstances or what the day brings. It brought tears to my eyes and it made me realize that there is so much more to life than just "existing". We all have a purpose once we are given life unselfishly. She has the right name "DIAMOND" which is one of the most sought after jewels in the world. I will never forget the FIRST time I viewed her story. 

She wants to be a clothing designer, a shoe designer which are all achievable with the drive and passion she has for life. So let us all remember that we should never complain and fulfill our purpose to the best of our abilities!

I have the honor to introduce to you: DIAMOND EXCELL 

Peace Love World - Clothes That Give You Life


  1. I love it! I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to meeting up soon :)


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