Female Entrepreneurs Discuss "Work From Home" Jobs

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Entrepreneurship is on the rise due to so many trying to balance their family and work. Statistically  this applies to women with children that prefer to work at home and raise their children. Often you see MLM (multi level marketing) as the go to make your own money business, however some charge start up fees and take a large commission. 

Facebook has several groups where women network, share ideas, look for collaborations, get second opinions on upcoming projects or just vent about their life in general. Facebook groups have become a safe haven in many cases for female entrepreneurs.

Some women even asked the question about what are your passions, natural gifts or natural talents to activate the thinking process. After reviewing many responses to a post on working from home, here's a list of some of the ideas or companies that some of the women in the group discussed. Listing these ideas or companies is not an endorsement or recommendation. This is part one to much more work at home or from home ideas and opportunities.

(Links are to are affiliate partners products or services  or to give you an idea of the career choice and not the actual business start up)

If  you decide to try one of these work from home ideas please come back and share your success story. Overall, trying to balance home, work, cooking, cleaning and networking for most female entrepreneurs can be challenging.

Always research the business venture before investing money or time to ensure that your ROI (return on investment) is somewhat guaranteed. 

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  1. I work from home. Have been successful and the best part is just the freedom to not work a 9-5.

    1. Yes. There is so much freedom in working from home. As an entrepreneur you can make your own schedule and still have time for other committments.


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