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In a world growing full of entrepreneurs, we often see many looking for mentors to help them along the way. When you develop your business plan you have to take into consideration so many things. You believe that it's attainable due to your visual thoughts of what you want for your life. SCORE is a free service for entrepreneurs just like you who are looking for a mentor. However, SCORE is absolutely free!

SCORE is a resource of the SBA (Small Business Administration) and has proclaimed to have helped over 11 million entrepreneurs since being established in 1964.  SCORE has workshops, seminars, webinars, mentoring programs and valuable business resources.  There are several locations throughout many states to accommodate entrepreneurs in many industries. The option to request a mentor for a personal meet up, video call, email or phone call is an option for all entrepreneurs.

SCORE offers an online library that has templates, eguides, checklists, blogs, infographics and videos. Most of the material is on demand directly on the website. Entrepreneurship comes along with maintaining your self-esteem when your plans fail or everyone around you is doubtful. This includes partners, friends, family members and even work colleagues. We all can be confident in our ability to complete a task but fail to see our total worth doing the process.

Having a mentor to guide you through the most doubtful times will help in the most doubtful situations. Never place unrealistic expectations on paper because you might see it as failure if you're unable to check it off of your "to do list". Master self-discipline and stay focused on your goals.

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