Government Shutdown and Entrepreneurship

There's been a buzz lately about the government shutdown and how it has affected millions of those employed by the government. Many went without pay and still had to report to work. There are several branches of government that are affected by this. When you think of "government" what exactly do you think of? Social Security Administration, HUD, TSA, Secret Services or USPS? 

Without a proper budget set in place the government can't operate on certain levels. This is how the government regulates funds for those receiving SNAP (food stamp recipients), housing vouchers (section 8), Medicaid and a host of other services.

When you're an entrepreneur do you have to worry about the government shutdown? Will it affect your cash flow? Will you be subject to work without pay? Placing yourself in a position to prosper without the interference of anyone should be your ultimate goal. You can research more on how the government shutdown affects many programs along with the longetivity and the severity that it may bring.


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