Need Help Getting Certified? Need Some Refresher Classes? Choose from over 6,000 Courses at 360Training!

Continuing education has been on the rise for over a decade. There's been a request from many employers for additional training besides what they're asking for to be initially qualified. Many search online for how to make money without ever leaving their homes. With so many opportunities in telecommuting, you think it would be easier to get hired. 

When choosing any type of continuing education, it's recommended that they're accredited. When choosing to continue your education and transfer credits; it's important to know this information. One of the United States of America's premier online education websites is 360 Training. They offer certification courses, compliance courses, continuing education courses and is available internationally.

Some of the courses include real estate, food and beverage, financial services, human resources, industrial skills, career training, medical, fitness, technology, social media and some free courses. Most courses take as little as one month to complete up until one year. There is an online chat available to help students as needed and a toll-free number to speak with a live representative. 

Amazon and Google both announced earlier this year that they were now considering hiring candidates that didn't have college degrees but the experience. This is a great option for many that can't afford college tuition or even continuing education. Certifications, licenses, and degrees are important to many businesses worldwide but are becoming less needed for the hiring process.

Online continuing education sites such as 360 Training, offer fast and easy course completion. Students can get an education faster at their own pace than that of a traditional college or university. Currently, 360 Training has helped over 500,000 students get certified nationwide.

Whether choosing to continue education or not gaining knowledge by researching, reading books and networking with others in the same profession has benefits as well.


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