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Money is what we all need to live day by day in this world. We have to pay bills, eat, travel if necessary and much more. Money is very powerful and if not careful will become your secret master. There are many ways that you can make money or make money come to you. This is not about affirmations, rituals or any other method many use around the world to manifest money.

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How do you feel when you don't have money? How do you feel when your money is low? What makes you feel that without money that you're absolutely worthless? People define wealth and riches in many different ways. You can have all the money you feel you deserve and still not be happy, therefore that's when your "energy" is effected.

Money is definitely an expression of energy in many ways. There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of money such as money being evil. In biblical terms, it states that the love of money is the "root" of all evil (I Timothy 6:10 KJV) Do you let money control you and your moods? Will you be unforgiving in the midst of not having enough money to afford the luxurious lifestyle?

Money is a valid form of exchange which is equal to any other form of abundance in your life.There are still many in this world who believe that it is more spiritual to live in lack than to live in abundance of material wealth. If you allow material wealth to define your self-worth then what happens if you loose all of your possessions? Are you no longer worthy of living life?


Don't let the love of  money be the reason you commit a heinous crime, betray a business partner or a family member. There is an abundance of money in the world, you just have to master obtaining it. When you're happy in your wealth or riches, don't forget to give back to a great cause or invest in something that will keep your passive income flowing. Life is not guaranteed living without poverty but the circulation of money is. 

Take a moment to look at your wallet, purse, mattress money and see how looking at the money you have makes you feel. If you are one of those individuals who keep all your money in the bank, take a look at your bank account balance. Next, imagine that you have no money, immediately how does that make you feel? Choose to be happy in the times that you may not have as much money as you feel you need at that moment. If we continue to place our worth dependent on how much money we have, then how will we ever value our true self? There is power in having money but be careful how you use the energy that comes along with it.

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