Making purchases with debit or credit cards is staple in most adults lives. Shopping online or at their favorite department stores. What bank should you choose to open up a bank account? What credit card company should you apply for credit to enable your spending power? These are the questions that many consumers may have on a daily basis or when they're trying to rebuild their credit.

AURAE makes a bold personal statement to those who are looking for a debit card that expresses their legacy, success and overall spending power. These debit cards are made with 100% pure gold. They are offered in 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold along with having the option of yellow or rose colored. You have to apply for a membership via their website before even receiving the debit card.

It's been said that Dubai is a wealthy place where many travel to along with those who are natives and have a rich legacy and unlimited spending power. The Aurae card comes with many elite benefits. When you review the qualifications along with the global success of those who have these solid gold masterpieces, you begin to think about your current status in life. Are you successful? Are you among the elite?

Success doesn't only consist of monetary value but of what you achieve in your lifetime. Even if you don't qualify for an Aurae solid gold prefunded debit card, stay focused and one day you will reach your goals without comparing your spending power with those that are elite.


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