Imagine needing a ride somewhere but your car is in the shop or your driver's license is having issues or you're tired of alternate modes of transportation. Uber has made it's brand known throughout the world for a five to ten minute arrival time no matter where you are. It actually provides you with the type of vehicle that will arrive to pick you up along with a selfie of your driver. 

Travis Kalanick failed at some business ventures earlier in his life and even had to file bankruptcy at some point. However, he bounced back and developed a personal chauffeur brand that I personally use from time to time. It's convenient, safe (you don't have to worry about paying with cash because everything is linked to your bankcard or Paypal), affordable and you can also write off as a tax expense. 

He is now on Forbes Billionaire list with an estimated worth of $38 billion. Never think that your idea or ideas are not worth a try! Stay focused and who will help you utilize your billionaire mind?


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