Whenever you think of philanthropy, charity or any great cause that connects the fortunate with the unfortunate what organizations register within your mind? October was breast cancer awareness month along with domestic violence awareness (two known great causes) and November is prematurity awareness month. Every month around the world has a cause that is celebrated, acknowledged and even promoted to bring awareness for those that are part of the movement.

Charity Buzz combines the excitement of collaborating with celebrities bring a new forefront to true giving. Their online auctions feature experience opportunities with celebrities, power lunches with Fortune 500 CEOs, major brands and more. All of the proceeds from the online auctions supports a cause. When you join you have the opportunity to bid on different genres of opportunities online.

You can bid on tickets for the Finale of Dancing with the Stars, private meeting with Strauss Zelnick and more! Some tips is to try group bidding by sharing the great experience with your network so you can experience it together. The best way to celebrate success is in the presence of others and giving back to great causes that will allow their efforts as well to be a success. 

The different categories for bidding ranges from fashion, sports, food, wine, travel, entertainment along with business experiences. Charity Buzz has helped thousands of charities over the years combine fun, life, great adventures and so much more by partnering with the top celebrities around the globe.


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