Over the last few years, we've seen bloggers receive credit for breaking news or causing a celebrity hoax to go viral. We've seen bloggers take a big lead in the search engines and often mentioned on social networking trending topics. All the publicity that blogs receive compared to traditional informational sites have soared significantly.

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You have so many bloggers using sites like Wordpress, Blogger, Wix and more as the hosting sites. Some of the hosting sites are free because of the type of site it is. Some blogs are set up to speak to an audience on a particular topic or even a variety of topics to ensure they capture readers from all walks of life. Is blogging the next phase of media takeover? Is blogging the new way to reach people that you never thought you could? Can you become as popular as sites likes ? The goal is to blog and see if it will gain the attention of the target audience you are trying to reach.

There are many myths that state that bloggers can get wealthy by offering promotion of a product or brand, paying to feature an individual on the home page or landing page, allowing guest bloggers to write for a fixed fee and more. Some bloggers often sign up with larger companies and start affiliate publishing to collect commission off of the potential buyers that visit their blog. You have to apply to be able to "affiliate" with most affiliate publishing sites.  Popular sites like , , offer programs. If you are consistent with your blogging, execute strategic planning to promote the partnerships;you potentially would earn money. You could well be on your way to a lucrative career by doing what you love ---- blogging! 


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