All photo credits belong to Antoinette Rogers, DBT International Marketing Group

Everyone watched worldwide for the live streaming of Made In America which took place in Philadelphia on Tidal. One of the most anticipated performances was Beyonce! She took to the stage performing several of her hits along with some hits from Destiny's Child.

Her wardrobe was very bold and patriotic. Her makeup was flawless along with her hair and she demonstrated extreme grace throughout each song she performed. All the songs were rearranged to appeal to the artistry of music and lyrics itself. She even had great dancers to aid along in her performance.

There was a moment where one of her dancers demonstrated grace of a woman to Maya Angelou's infamous "Phenomenal Woman" poem, which I feel was a tribute to the legend.

I watched on my laptop as well on my phone in awe of the performance. I did my best to capture moment for moment, wardrobe change and the view of Beyonce on the main screen. Enjoy the gallery of Beyonce and of course I know the "Beyhive" was thrilled to see her perform after her hiatus of almost one year.

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