Photo credit: www.surpriseride.com

Have you ever had a great idea and decided to put it into action? Well, the Khalife sisters; Donna and Rosy, decided to launch their own idea after seeing their 6 year old nephew spending most of his time on an ipad. Taking the focus off of technology, they decided to launch a  company called Surprise Ride. 

Surprise Ride incorporates subscription gift boxes for children with different activities inside for ages 6-11 years old. After their beta phase launch in May of 2013, they shipped more than 40,000 boxes and now in 2015 have a revenue in excess of $1 million dollars!

Donna and Rose Khalife made their debut appearance with their idea on Shark Tank in 2014. Unfortunately, they turned down the offer of a 25% stake in their company. They started the company with no employees but now have a team of ten individuals. You can read more here on Forbes coverage of these dynamite sisters! If you have an idea, make it happen! 


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