"Vulnerability is who I have been since I've walked into the industry" - Chrisette Michelle 

On August 19, 2014 Chrisette Michelle took the time for an exclusive press conference among about 100 bloggers worldwide that were selected to attend. I was one of them! I am thankful to have had the opportunity to listen and participate in this press conference. Her soft voice, her passion about who she is and what she desires is very profound. She took the time to answer all questions presented and gave us all a better insight to her lifestyle as a vegan, music, spirituality and outlook on the industry as a whole along with a few experiences.

Her online site is very enlightening about art,music, fashion and allows us all into her "world".

Here are some of the questions Chrisette answered below:

What advice do you want to give to those who want to find their own style and gain confidence?

"It's hard because everyone has different lifestyles. It's important to "play with your clothes" "

You promote women's positivity, what happened in your life that made you want to take an active role in that?

"My mom was an activist when I was a kid. We had an eight bedroom house and she only had three kids so she refused to let any of the rooms go to waste.. I had no choice but to be just like my mom.."

How do you stay true to yourself while maintaining your fan base?

"I feel the need and the responsibility to explain to you guys what it is that I'm doing with my art. Staying in contact with you guys is important to me so that I can give you an idea of where I'm going art wise."

Do you have advice for women entrepeneurs?

"I recognize that I'm a woman, I'm not afraid of being emotional, I don't try to make believe I'm a man, I wear dresses to all of  my meetings and stilettos, I put on a red lip, I play, I act  like a girl, I am a female and I am always next to a man. I always bring a man with me because of those moments where I feel like they might not understand where I'm coming from and they might look at me twice because I'm a girl, I bring a man.."

What is the geekiest thing about you?

"I have a collection of nerd glasses, they are all vintage.. I am a junky for nerd glasses.."

What mood will "The Lyricist's Opus have?"

"I was hanging out in the coffee shop in Brooklyn and I had this pink weird book out that this lady made for me.. I started jotting things down.. I came up with something called a "lifestyle piece".."

If you weren't an artist, what career path would you choose?

"I do a lot of community service, that's probably my favorite thing.. not the kind of stuff that gets on a camera; just cooking for people that might not have dinner or cooking for them and bringing it to them.. or bringing clothes to different places or raising money for women in different countries who don't have the money for education..Sort of an Ambassador.."


There were MANY questions she answered but this is a highlight of what she is about and what is to come.

Above all Chrisette has a beautiful spirit, her music is in a league of it's own, excited about "The Lyricist's Opus" , the awesome articles on Richipster her heartfelt tweets and shares on her Instagram page. She is truly one to follow and she definitely not only have a "billionaire mind" she also has a unique beauty and charisma that can not be compared to another soul.


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