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In a world of entrepreneurs you very seldomly find those who work hard and work smart to bring their vision to the forefront. We all have experienced stumbling blocks along the way but a true entrepreneur stays focused and brings the world something they will never forget.

 In the words of the designer and brand owner Brian: 

"Grateful & appreciative for what I have.Still on my pursuit for more. Earned not given. Extremely motivated" - Brian B

Introducing SIKEY clothing brand and the purpose of it:

Sikey Clothing is a streetwear brand that was established in 2013 for the Young & Ambitious. When you wear a clothing brand you want it to represent yourself & what you stand for.

Sikey Clothing caters to all that have a message to relay to the world.

The acronym for Sikey stands for SUCCESS IS KEY. The logo is a brain with the word Sikey in it. Sikey is a play on words on "Pysche" which means the human mind. 

Where does success start? In the mind, so it all ties in.

Success can be defined in many ways. It is what you perceive it to be. Sikey Clothing expresses this in some thought provoking designs such as this one below. How do you define success? 

Here's another one of Sikey Clothing's thought provoking designs that is genius in displaying old school "flavor"  in the representation of "Old School Battles" while representing legendary rappers known as "Ice Cube" and "Ice Tea".

You can purchase any of the designs above and more by visiting Sikey Clothing's online store today! 

Remember that  "Sikey Clothing caters to all that have a message to relay to the world."


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