It is important for everyone to know their history, ancestors, background information, culture; especially if it contributes to who you are today. A lot of times, "BLACKS" are shown in the media as negative individuals on welfare, single parent homes, living in bad areas and much more. You as an individual have to come into the very essence of who you are and take the time to research what those who share our skin color have done to pave the pathway to excellence. History books are great but you can also visit libraries in your area that have untouched archives from slaves, Black Cherokee tribes, freedom marches, historical documents and pictures of black wealthy families. Not all black people were poor that came before us. This subject can be talked about for decades, many say there are "hidden" files, documents, corrupted history of the rich blacks due to the theory of the "white man" being in charge of all the wealth in this world.

Take the time to invest in your history and visit Ancestry by DNA below.
Please see the picture gallery of Black History Archives I've found. I won't even title the pictures or name the individuals. It's up to YOU to know your history.
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