As many of you know the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital this June. This is not an article about why, what,who and when. Bullying is a serious global issue, family problems is a global issue. Being the center of such of a grand family as the Jackson's, your life is constantly publicized for the world to see. There has been a massive support from social network after the story broke globally.

 As a global community, we need to stand up and fight for the youth as a whole to ensure they have long, happy, healthy and stress free lives. Let's take a moment to reflect that she as well as her siblings have been fatherless for approximately four years. This type of loss takes time; sometimes a lifetime. Let's be mindful on how we blog about this issue and issues similar to this. Although teenagers can be apt to stray due to peer pressure, emotional problems, alienation and much more; we should keep in mind that they are fragile and still growing. A sincere get well and emotionally healthy to Paris Jackson. Sending prayers, love and light!  


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