T   G   T

"T.yrese G.inuwine T.ank"

Tyrese , Ginuwine and Tank on the BET AWARDS Red Carpet as they are now TGT
  Over the years we have seen each one these vocal powerhouses deliver with their grammy nominated, grammy winning songs and vocals. Tyrese has been in major films and released music that touches the soul. Ginuwine known as the "sex symbol" in the 90's is still one to watch and still has that edge.  Tank with his soulful voice and strong physical presence has continued to "woo" ladies worldwide. Each bringing their own unique sound and style to their new proclaimed group TGT.

Photo credit collaboration Antoinette Rogers, DBT International Marketing Group

They are scheduled to release an album 2013 with being signed as a group with Atlantic Records. Tyrese   stated that they will have a "No Shirts Tour" , I think I will get an advanced VIP Pass today! True R & B is not recognized as much as it should be. We should all embrace REAL music and support these three gentlemen in there new group T G T. I'm interested to hear them do solos on the albums duets and much more! I'm also anticipating their album to go platinum the first few months worldwide!

I'm sure that over the years we've actually waited for sounds like theirs to collaborate, we've just kept silent. Whatever inspired this innovative move is greatly accepted by both women and men I feel worldwide. The sound, the look, the passion, the energy and the vision will soon speak for itself! May God lead them on this journey to build something greater than anyone can ever imagine. I support your movement wholeheartedly!

Hopefully one day I will get to "personally" thank them all for bringing the "soul" back to music and make history at the same time! Please support these gentlemen by following them via Twitter as the journey on this new music venture unfolds. Thank you for bringing R&B back to the forefront! Salute Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank!


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