Since the beginning of the campaign for the re-election of President Barack Obama, women all over the nation are taking action to plan house parties, registered voters events, rallies to ensure women of all ethnicities celebrate the freedom to have their voice heard.

As an effort to raise funds for the OBAMA - BIDEN campaign, I have designed a "signature" bracelet from my personal line "Amarette" jewelry for women around the nation who support the "Women for Obama" movement. Michelle Obama has did several conference calls and has spoken on the importance of women voters around the nation. I have a personal campaign page where you can donate funds to the OBAMA campaign here.

In continued efforts to ensure all women feel empowered during this campaign, I have named this piece "WOMEN UNITED". For information on how to purchase the bracelet, please send an inquiry to dbtmarketing@gmail.com.

The bracelet is made from 100% crystal blown glass and 100% genuine hematite stone. Sizes are from 6-8 and will be set for a price of $10.00 where the shipping is free in any state within the U.S. Please allow 4-7 business days for the bracelet to reach you. The maximum quantity is 5 per household or 10 for groups. All  proceeds will benefit the OBAMA - BIDEN campaign. Non-profit organizations will receive discount with proof of 501-C status. If you have a paypal account, please advise at the time of the order request to ensure immediate delivery. Money orders, cashiers check, paypal will only be accepted. Proof of applied donation to the OBAMA - BIDEN campaign can be seen on here.

This bracelet will be available for sale until September 1, 2012 at 12pm est time. All orders requests received after that time will not be fulfilled.

Thank you for supporting the OBAMA - BIDEN Campaign 2012!!


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