Photo Credits: Nick Knight via @kanyewest

Everyone has their own opinion on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West relationship. I don't think there is anything wrong with the duo. They're both powerful and living life to the fullest. Kanye is a Gemini and Kim is a Libra --just as I. The chemistry between those two signs are undeniable and lasting.

With me being a Libra as well, we often are finicky but we also love a man with power and class. We may not make the best decisions sometimes due to our "scales" being imbalanced at times, but the ultimate choice we make, we usually feel is the right choice.

Photo Credits: Nick Knight via @kanyewest

There is nothing wrong with moving forward after any relationship, whether it be marriage, a long time relationship, a broken engagement or any other arrangement. Remember, we learn from our past mistakes not our future ones that we are unaware of. Live for today and not concerning yourself with anyone's opinion of the choices you make, is the best way to live.

Kanye and Kim are both successful, so do you really think your opinion matters? I think not, but  it's alright if you want to continue to speculate with the "names" you choose to call Kim in the media. I won't defame anyone because of their choices or with whom they choose to spend time with, that is not my right or yours.

Note to Kanye and Kim: "Live, laugh and love eachother as long as it will last" - Antoinette


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