Michael Chatman: Entrepreneur Embracing Philanthropy

When you think of the word "philanthropy", what comes to mind? Giving, sharing, donating,volunteering or humanity? The true definition of philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.There are various organizations that lack funding although there are millions of wealthy individuals in the world. Although it doesn't take someone of high status to give, it may seem more feasible for them to do so. Have you ever given to someone on the side of the highway that holds up a sign, donate at your local supermarket for a cause, volunteer at a shelter or collected funds for someone else to benefit from? Then you have been practicing philanthropy.

Amongst the social networks, you may find philanthropists from all genres or with different causes. The truth is, is that philanthropy is powerful and can help millions. One particular philanthropist by the name of Michael Chatman, uses Twitter daily to enforce the importance of philanthropy to his followers. He is a Harvard-Trained Entrepreneur, Founder of Association of Maverick Philanthropists and leading authority on celebrity-charity partnerships. He has a weekly show every Thursday called the "Giving Show". Networking with Michael Chatman is something that any entrepreneur or philanthropist would find honor in. You can visit his website at http://www.michaelchatman.com/ and read his books on the aforementioned topics. Below are some of my favorite tweets by Mr. Chatman:

Don't allow people to do things to you that are not feeding your spirit, inspiring your life & helping you fulfill your purpose. #realtalk

I am passionate about #business #philanthropy & partnership w/ #nonprofits that is strategic, makes a difference & benefits all involved.

Of course there are many more but to enjoy the experience, follow him on Twitter @michaelchatman for an insight on many important views in philanthropy, giving, entrepreneurship, partnerships, non-profit organizations and much more!

My company gives back to many organizations quarterly and you should select at least one organization to do so. If you can't give financially then volunteer your time at a local shelter, assisted living facility, orphanage or any place that needs help. We are building this world together so let's help one another by rolling up your sleeves and saying "Today I choose to give" and embrace philanthropy!


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