There are many entrepreneurs globally who introduce products daily or incorporate their brand with a vision in mind. We all look for opportunities to build our legacy and grow our businesses; which is one in the same.

I would like to introduce you to a dynamite entrepreneur who has took the initiative to become an Independent Distributor for a company called Organo Gold. Take a look inside Mr. Mobley's journey to being more successful and see how the products he has can make a positive impact on your health.

Introducing: Mr. Maurice Mobley 

Phone: (813)732-6853

My name is Maurice Mobley, CEO of Reeces CafĂ© ;an Independent Distributor for an extraordinary company called ORGANO GOLD. Approximately 3 months ago I was presented with a opportunity and I took the time to listen. Once I removed my emotional cap and put on my business cap, I was able to see the vision of this company. I started this business with the understanding of how this was a great product, therefore I started my business immediately. The foundation of this company is based on a product that is highly consumable by millions of people daily -- coffee. Coffee is consumed habitually, over 500 million cups are purchased daily in the U.S. alone. A ancient Chinese herb infused in these products is what makes ours different and healthier than any other coffee. Ganoderma, known to be "the King of herbs".

Scientific studies have shown the wonderful health benefits of Ganoderma, like: how it can help relieve fatigue, keep cholesterol low, help oxygen flow through the blood, help maintain blood pressure, tame inflammation, build stamina, support the immune system, along with many antioxidants. Also with Organo Gold’s many worldwide certifications, rest assured you are consuming and/or using the best products.

My company supplies Organo Gold coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pill supplements and other products that contain: Ganoderma. When infusing gourmet coffee and an ever expanding product line with the power of the Ganoderma Lucidum herb, which allows a healthy alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great. My company also provides some personal care products containing ganoderma, such as: lotion, soap and toothpaste to help promote healthy teeth and skin.

To obtain more information, purchase products or to listen to a prosperous business opportunity; I encourage everyone  to view my website: Thank you in advance for your business.

"Allow the coffee to change your LIFE" - Maurice Mobley

Please take the time to visit "Reeces Cafe" to start on your way to better health and choose from a variety of products that will benefit you. Mr. Mobley also distributes internationally and is open to corporate companies as well. You can place your order for your company's office 24 hours a day and 7 days per week! The site is available in many languages and can be customized to make your visit to the site and your shopping experience grand. Make the right choice today and purchase a growing company, a growing brand; all brought to you by "Reeces Cafe" ! 



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